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Benjamin Beugnies was born in Nice in 1976. He is a violin maker who was awarded a diploma by the Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume National School of Violin making in Mirecourt, a centre of excellence, with worlwide reputation.
Benjamin followed the teachings of the music Conservatory of Nice from an early age and remained there until he left for Mirecourt aged fifteen.
His career continued under the guidance of Bruno Dreux in Orléans (France), and then in Ireland, under Hugo Vegter in Cork City.
He specialised in making baroque instruments, in the old fashion.
After opening his workshop in 2002 in Saint-Chamas (in the south of France), Benjamin Beugnies makes classical instruments : violins, violas and cellos, in the Italian and french style.
He also exports internationally.
He makes instruments for people who appreciate the superior quality of a finely crafted instrument. His passion is to make a beautiful sounding instrument, from carefully chosen wood to match the needs of a discerning clients.


I opened my workshop in 2002, after 10 years maufacturing with experienced stringed-instrument makers. I have specialised in making quartet instruments : violins, violas, cellos.
I usually work to order, but it is possible for you to try instruments at my workshop.
Each instrument is handcrafted according to thorough research related to the work of the great Italian and French master stringed-instrument maker, but also modern stringed-instrument making.
My aim is to offer musicians an instrument with perfect aesthetics, but also a rich timbre and sound palette.




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